aprons — Japanese Linen Cross-Back Pinafore Apron Pattern Tutorial

Japanese Linen Cross-Back Pinafore Apron Pattern Tutorial

I recently took a sewing class and learned how to sew this Japanese-style linen apron with a crossover on the back. With just a few materials and this easy, step-by-step sewing guide, you will also learn how easy it is to make this apron. Linen apron found at Target: Please visit the blog for a direct link. I love linen fabric and use it often in my home. Everything from linen towels, bedding and clothing. The first cross-back linen apron I made from 100% linen fabric bought in the yard. However, this can be very expensive. So, when I discovered this 100% linen tablecloth for less than $25, I knew I had found a good deal. Linen Apron Apron Supply List For making the apron, I used 1 linen tablecloth or 2 yards of fabric Cutting mat Cutting ruler Scissors Thread Iron DIY linen apron cutout list Measure just above the bust line and add 8 or 10 inches depending on how loose you want, to make the apron fit. I had 40 inches plus 10 inches. Then decide how long your apron should be. Measure from the top of your chest to the bottom of where the apron should be. Add 3 inches to original size. So, I had 33 inches plus 3 inches. Your main body of the apron will be the measurements above, so I started with a 50 x 36 rectangular piece of fabric. 2 x 22 x 5 shoulder straps. 2 pockets measuring 10×9 inches. Instructions for sewing a linen apron with a crossover on the back. Cut out a rectangular piece of fabric according to the dimensions shown above. Again, for me, my rectangle was 50 x 36 inches. Then cut the straps for the apron. They will need to be cut to size 22 x 5 inches. Cut out two 10″ x 9″ pocket rectangles. If you decide to have smaller or larger pockets, cut them to suit your preference. Take a large rectangular piece of the apron and on the sides of the apron that will be the back edges (for me it was the 36″ section), press down 1/2″ with an iron, then fold another 1/2″ to hide the raw seam and iron again. Sew both sides with a 1/2 seam. Press the top edge of the rectangle 1 inch, and then fold and press another 1 inch to hide the raw edge. Don’t stitch this area yet because you still need to place the webbing. Linen apron straps Fold the straps in half. For linen fabric, there really is no front or wrong side. However, if you are using a printed fabric, you will need the right sides together. Sew a 1/2-inch seam down the entire length of the strap, reverse stitching at both ends. Turn the straps inside out and place the seam down the center of the back of the strap. The press is flat. Linen Apron Strap Location Find the middle of the apron by folding it in half. Just press lightly on the center so you know where it is, or mark it with a straight pin. Unfold the pressed edge so that you are working with the top raw edge of the apron. Place the measuring tape in the center of the apron you marked and then measure 3 inches to the left and pin one of the straps in place. The seam side of the belt should be facing you. Then measure over 3 inches to the right and pin the other strap in place. Then take the loose end of the right strap and pin it to the back left side of the top edge. Then take the loose end of the left strap and pin it to the right back edge of the top edge. I know this can be confusing, so please watch the video to understand this step a little better. Sew a straight line along the raw edge of the top of the apron to secure the straps in place. Then lay out the apron wrong side up. You will need to fold the raw edge of the apron back down, but the straps will now point up. Fasten them in place. Again, the video shows and explains it in a much simpler way. Then you will sew two straight stitches across the top of the apron where the straps are. You will be sewing along the bo. Set the apron aside to work on the pockets. Positioning the Linen Apron Pocket Fold the top of the apron pocket down 1 inch and press, then fold back another 1 inch and press again. Sew a 1/2 inch seam. Fold the remaining 3 sides of the pocket edges 1/2″ and iron. Try on the apron and decide where you want to place the pockets. Fasten them in place. Then remove the apron and measure the distance between the edge of the pocket and the distance between the bottom edge and the bottom of the pocket. You must be sure that both pockets are the same on each side. Again, please watch the video for a complete guide on how to do this. Sew pockets in place. Linen apron hem Try the apron back on and determine how long you want the apron to be, trim if necessary. Then lift 1/2” and press, lift another 1/2” and press. Sew the hem. Visit the blog:

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