aprons — Japanese Apron Without Laces in One Size / Tutorial for beginners

Japanese Apron Without Laces in One Size / Tutorial for beginners

Japanese influence without laces, the apron is put on in no time. The Japanese apron with wide straps crossed at the back is a Japanese-style apron that is comfortable and very original to wear, it will make you wear it without realizing it, while showing your best image. Hope this apron will be another charming piece in your daily life. Idea to sell or give away or own use. Step by step guide for beginners. 💞 💞 💞 💞💞 💞 If someone supports me financially, I will be very grateful — 💞 💞 💞 💞💞 💞 Ulyana 🙋‍♀️ … 🖨 To download ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Subscribe to my cooking channel, where you will find quick and easy recipes FOLLOW ME! You can find: Cutting base_A1 (large, grey) Pilot Frixion — Set of 12 markers Patchwork ruler 60×15 45mm Rotary knife Thread set I use 64 polyester sewing thread set (32 colors) Philips iron I use Sewing pliers Set of 6 markers I use Scissors Pack 250 Pins Pliers for buttons 00:00 Start ATTENTION !! I also want to warn you that the video is automatically translated using Google Translate into several languages ​​​​through the YouTube platform and possibly with errors in meaning, I apologize for this and if something goes wrong, write to me and I will explain everything. Epidemic Sound Music

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