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How to Tie a Crossback Apron - Cargo Crew

Putting on a crossover apron can be a little tricky if you haven’t done it before! We’ve put together a helpful video on how to tie a Cargo Crew Crossback Apron to keep your crew comfortable all day long! Crossback aprons are a trendy alternative to traditional aprons, perfect for hospitality, hairdressers, event planners and any industry where you’re on your feet all day. Our stylish, functional cross-back aprons are perfect for distributing weight across your back rather than putting pressure on the back of your neck. Buy our Crossback Apron Styles: Uniform shown in this video: — Henry Bib Apron — Charcoal Gray with Pale Pink Shoulders: — Striped Cargo Crew Riviera T-shirt with 3/4 Sleeves:

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