aprons — How to Sew an Apron

How to Sew an Apron

ADD A POCKET TO YOUR APRON IN MY TRAINING HERE: There’s a reason aprons are often the first sewing project. It’s fast, easy, fun and a great way to use all the cute fabric prints. They make the perfect gift for a friend or for you! Let’s make aprons. —— CUT YOUR FABRIC TO THESE SIZES (in video at 3:48) —— BELT PARTS: Adult — 80″ x 5″ (gather two strips of fabric together) Child — 70″ x 4- INCH SKIRT PIECES: Adult — 34″ x 20″ Child — 26″ x 16″ SEWING MACHINE RECOMMENDS: My current sewing machine is the Baby Lock BRILLIANT. If you want to buy a good entry level machine, I also like the JOY and JUBILANT Baby Lock sewing machines .Amazing quality at a great price: JOY machine: and JUBILANT machine: —————————— ————— — FABRICS: Get the fabric used in this video here: The fabric is called DUTCH BLOOM, from my BLUSH fabric collection, for the art gallery Fabrics: ——- ———————————— • For more tutorials, patterns and fabrics visit my website: • My sewing machine is called LYRIC by Baby Lock You can see more here: • Video created by Vince Penman:

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