aprons — How to Repair Pool Table Aprons

How to Repair Pool Table Aprons

Did you damage the aprons of your pool table when you tried to move it yourself — the wrong way??? Well, in this video I will tell you a few simple ways to fix them. I have linked the Mohawk Blendal sticks below because they are available as a set. With the colors included in this set, you can match the color to almost any billiard table. If you think this video was helpful and would like to contribute to the channel, you can send a PayPal donation to: Amazon links to all products mentioned: Mohawk Mixing Sticks: Mohawk Sanding Sealant: Deft Sanding Sealant: Mohawk Sanding Sealant : Glitter Mohawk Lacquer: Mohawk Satin Lacquer: Mohawk Matte Lacquer: Gloss Lacquer Deft: Deft Satin Lacquer: Titebond II Wood Glue: Visit Billiards of New Orleans for fabric and pool table supplies: Follow me on Instagram A: Below is a complete list of Amazon links to all the tools and supplies I use to install pool tables FAST and EASY! Senco 3/8″ Upholstery Stapler: Senco 3/8″ Staples: Senco Oil Free Compressor: Ultra Flexible Air Hose: 1/4″ Air Hose Fittings: Makita 18V Cordless Impact Kit: Makita Magnetic Bit Holder: Makita GOLD #2 Inserts for Philips bits: Makita GOLD #3 Bit Inserts: (The above 3 items can be purchased as a set: ) Makita Magnetic Nutrunners: Makita 1/4″ Hex to 1/4″ Square Drive Adapter: Makita 1/4″ Hex to Adapter with 3/8″ square drive: Complete set of Craftsman wrenches and sockets: 3M 90 HI-STRENGTH spray adhesive: Barge Universal Cement (qt): Barge Universal Cement (gallon): Barge Infinity Cement (California Compliant, qt): Bondo Proprietary body putty: Klein’s awl: 80 grit sandpaper: 4″ spatula: upholstery staple remover: craftsman’s screwdriver set: Eastwing staple hammer: wood wedges (shims): Empire 4′ level: Empire 2′ level: St level arrett 12″ machinist: Starrett 8″ machinist level: Craft pliers set: Irwin 6″ wire cutters: Desert ironwood pliers: Gorilla superglue: The tool table above covers approximately 95% of all the tools I use. Some I use multiple times (such as awls, hammers and wrenches/jacks). This list does not include shop tools. These are just the tools that a billiard table mechanic will need «in the field» to take apart, reassemble and level the table. Some of the links and other products that appear in this video are from companies that Creative Restorations will receive an affiliate commission or referral bonus. Every purchase made through these links will help support this channel at no additional cost to you.



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