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How to Make Window Sills & Apron | Woodworking

Window sills can add character to the look of a space. Follow Scott’s instructions for making custom interior sills to see how a sill is designed and installed. Update: Since posting this video, I’ve learned about a window sill edge profiling cutter, which is easier. Here is a link to the cutter — 🇨🇦 Canadian link — In this project you will see how to make a custom window sill and apron (sheathing under the windowsill) from standard lumber and sheathing. Steps include: • Checking the spacing • Buying material (5/4″ or 1 1/4″ thick boards) • Cutting the new window sill to its approximate dimensions • Fitting the window sill to the wall • Determining the length of the ledges on the window sill • Adding edge pieces to create a pleasing profile • making a splashback to fit under the window sill • gluing the bends of the splashback for the pieces at the ends • trimming the splashback • fitting the splashback After the window sills (technically called window sills) and splashbacks, the nail holes have been patched up and the parts painted with a VOC-free semi-gloss paint. organic compounds. Mantel Planes — Other Woodworking Plans — Our Customized Woodworking Advice — See the tools we use in our workshop and the tools we recommend: 🇨🇦 Canadian Link — For more woodworking knowledge or to contact us directly, visit our website Hosted by: Scott Bennett, owner of Wooden It Be Nice in Brooklyn, Ontario, Canada This description contains affiliate links that provide our channel with the means to produce more videos for our viewers. #windowsill #windows #decoration

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