aprons — How to make two PPE aprons from one bin bag tutorial — Covid-19

How to make two PPE aprons from one bin bag tutorial - Covid-19

I got up this morning thinking of Captain Tom Moore, 99, and his amazing NHS fundraiser that has already raised over £4 million on the Just Giving platform. Google it, it’s amazing and it made me realize how ordinary people can make a huge difference in the Covid-19 pandemic crisis we’re facing around the world. I firmly believe that all health services, caregivers and key workers should have access to adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) to carry out their jobs safely, but despite the fact that due to the pandemic worldwide they are not enough, I started thinking about how to improvise a PPE apron. . This tutorial shows you how to do this using the large trash bags you can find in grocery stores and supermarkets. I used the large Essential Waitrose all-purpose trash bags (with drawstrings, 100 litres). They come in rolls of 10, so you get 20 aprons. If you go looking for them, they have a white and green label. Waitrose’s 90 liter trash bags (white/orange label, 15 per roll) should also work as well as any other brand with the same design. If you’re using a different brand, do a test run first and try on the first apron you make — you may need to make adjustments due to different manufacturing processes. Regular sized trash bags will also work, but they only go up to the top of your thighs, so aren’t really long enough. Most importantly, they have looped tie handles so your neck loop is ready. First, it is important to say that these aprons are disposable and should be disposed of properly after use. If you want to cook them, the most important rule is: DO NOT MAKE THESE APRONS IF YOU OR SOMEONE IN YOUR FAMILY HAVE SYMPTOMS OF COVID-19 OR IF YOU HAVE BEEN IN CONTACT WITH SOMEONE WHO HAVE THE SYMPTOMS YOU HAVE no. want the C-19 virus to be transmitted from the manufacturer to the apron, then to the nurse or caregiver, and then to the patient. Wash your hands thoroughly before starting work, put on clean disposable gloves if you have them, and clean the work area as shown in the video. Also wipe down any equipment you may be using, such as scissors and a ruler. Place the aprons in a bag and seal when finished. I also think that once made, aprons should be left for 72 hours before use to ensure that any virus that may be on them has degenerated. I hope you enjoyed the video and be kind as this is the first thing I made for mass viewing. Perhaps this will inspire you to make PPE aprons, and I really hope this helps prevent the spread of the C-19 virus (if standard PPE is not available). Please click the «Like» button and use the comment area to pass on any other information you think may be important. Take care, dear Kate.

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