aprons — How to Make a DIY Upcycled Jeans Apron

How to Make a DIY Upcycled Jeans Apron

Whether you need a new apron for your kitchen or workshop, the size and design of this pattern is completely custom. Together with designer Ana Paula Brasil, we’ll show you how to pattern and assemble an apron using old jeans👖, as well as some fun ways to ⭐️dazzle⭐️ it with special threads! 💡Find WonderFil yarn stores near you!💡 📍THREAD USED #5 Egyptian Perl Cotton, Eleganza™ #EZ 8wt viscose/metallic, Dazzle™ #DZ328 8wt viscose/metallic, Dazzle™ #2108 12wt viscose, Accent™ #AC27 12wt viscose/metallic, GlaMore™ #GM 12 wt. Egyptian cotton, Spagetti™ #02 12 wt. Egyptian cotton, Fruitti™ #FT07 30 wt. viscose, Mirage™ #SD38 35 wt. cotton, Silco™ #SC21 40 wt. viscose, Splendor™ #R1140 40 wt. Polyester Tri-Layer FabuLux™ #04 Polyester Tri-Layer 40 W FabuLux™ #16 Polyester Tri-Layer 40 W FabuLux™ #38 Polyester Tri-Layer 40 W FabuLux™ #29 Polyester Tri-Layer 40 W Polyfast™ #P1074 Polyester 40W Master Quilter™ #MQ41 40W Multipurpose Polyester Designer™ #DS186 Egyptian Cotton Polyester 40W Ultima™ UL212 Polyester 40W/Reflective Flash™ #FS02 40W Glow In The Dark Ahrora™ AR05 Metallic , 40W, Spotlite™ #MT7713 Metallic, 40W, Spotlite™ #MT7714 Metallic, 40W, Spotlite™ #MT 50W Egyptian Cotton, Tutti™ #TU09 60 wt. Egyptian cotton, Efina™ #EF47 80 wt. cotton seed polyester, DecoBob™ #DB202 1 00wt cotton polyester, InvisaFil™ #IF711 ——————————— ———- ——— WANT MORE WONDERFUL IN YOUR LIFE? FIND US: 📍Website: 📍Facebook: 📍Instagram: 📍Twitter: 📍Pinterest: —————————— —————- ——————— Intro: SfxValley Music

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