aprons — How To Make a Apron with One Pair of Jeans

How To Make a Apron with One Pair of Jeans

This tutorial starts with a basic pattern for an apron — it’s very easy to adjust the size depending on the child, adult, or whoever you’re making the apron for. The criss-cross tie is the most comfortable apron design that doesn’t tighten your neck, its fit is comfortable enough to wear all day! The sewing and design in my tutorial is free and creative, designed to inspire you to create your own designs. Remember that denim looks great when raw and worn, don’t be afraid to leave the edges open and let them fray with wear and washing. Add pockets, visibly corrected areas, or even expose holes. Denim, however worn, is timeless and ideal for recycling. Give your old favorite jeans another chapter in their lives by transforming them into unique, eco-friendly utility wear. YOU are a designer — unleash your creative juices in this project!!

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