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How to Build a Driveway Apron | This Old House

Senior Technical Editor Mark Powers shows you how to install an apron in your driveway. (See shopping list and tools below.) SUBSCRIBE to This Old House: What’s a Driveway? This is where the driveway to your residence meets the street sidewalk. You can give this simple piece of asphalt a makeover by tearing up the section above the curb and replacing it with materials that look like they were taken from the streets of Brussels itself. But instead of laying down cobblestones one by one, check out these time-saving prefabricated concrete cobblestones. They are made in the form of mats, similar to those used for splash backsplash tiles, and install almost as easily. Stay tuned as Senior Technical Editor Mark Powers shows you how. Shopping list for how to build a driveway apron: — Cobblestone floor mats with flooded mesh. Ask your supplier to help determine the amount you need. — Permeable epoxy mortar — Leveling sand. A 1/2 cubic foot bag covers 6 square feet at a depth of 1 inch. Driveway apron assembly tools: — tape measure — nails to drive the chalk line into the pavement — chalk line — goggles — hearing protection — 14″ concrete chainsaw with segmented diamond blade — garden hose — hammer drill with chisel to break up the driveway surface parts — a pick to remove splinters — work gloves for working with asphalt and cobblestones — stakes — a mason’s line — a rake — a vibrating plate for compacting the base and pavers — pliers for side cutters — chalk stick — a mason’s chisel with a protective cover — a manual sledgehammer — a hammer for bricks — hand tamper to eliminate unevenness during laying — duct tape — concrete mixer — double foam scraper to spread the mortar along the joints — brush to remove excess mortar Looking for additional step-by-step instructions on how to complete projects around the house? Join This Old House Insider to stream over 1000 ad-free episodes: Also, download our FREE app to stream full episodes to your connected TV, phone or tablet: Follow This Old House and Ask This Old House: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest : Instagram: To learn more about this old house and ask about this old house, visit us at: How to Build a Driveway Apron | This old house

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