aprons — How I Made FIVE Dining Tables, PART ONE — Aprons and Legs | A Glimpse Inside How To

How I Made FIVE Dining Tables, PART ONE - Aprons and Legs | A Glimpse Inside How To

This is the first of two parts on how I built five dining tables for a rather intimidating order. It was a great process and a great learning experience. Part 2 — Coming soon! Table leg fixture video — Buy a hat — Buy a shirt/clothes — teespring.com/stores/a-glimpse-inside-shop To help support us and the channel, click below Instagram — Subscribe to YCMT2 A huge thank you to my backers : CHRIS VINTOV JOHN LEONARD KHANAN MOISEEV MARK NANO JAY Johnson MARK Thompson Steve Mills Brett Ricketts Anthony Triola Derek Gibbons Carla Greenwood Matt Killam Shane O’Reilly Earl Price Keith Current Nettie Willmore Character Red Woodshop Michael Britton Bill Durham Tony Surma Taremi Hopkins Chuck Johnson Phillip Stanfill Steve at Moonshine Metalworks Richard in FAB 42 Mars Herbert David McCollum Marek Zechra Amazing Companies You Must Check Out: TotalBoat Enter «GLIMPSEIN» At Checkout To Get 15% Off Your Order! Use Starbond Code «glimpse15″ To Get 15% Off At Checkout Armor-Tool Rockler Powerpro Hardware — Amazon Affiliate Links ———————— ————————————————— ———————————— ——- Great Gifts for Craftsmen: Fixing Rollers Squeeze Bottl es — Deli containers with lids — Tape cutters for tadpoles — Diablo 60 teeth 10” fine blade — 100 pcs. Universal Blades — Wax Paste — Finishes & Thinners Wax Paste Polyethylene Cloth Halcyon Clear Mineral Spirits Tools Cordless Angle Grinder Cordless Circular Saw Cordless Drill/driver combo Cordless Router Cordless Mini Fan Pneumatic Nail Gun Air Compressor Glues & Adhesives Wood Glue Epoxy Resin 5 Minute Epoxy Spray Adhesive MISC Plastic Pastry Bags Deli Storage Containers Clamps 24″ Rod Clamps 12» HD f-style Quick Release Clamps 1 3/4” Tape Blue Tape 1” Blue Tape 3 Pack Gorilla Tape, Strongest of all Tyvek tapes, the best for masking tar Wood look duck tape



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