aprons — Hand Sewing an Apron in a Day

Hand Sewing an Apron in a Day

The first 1,000 people who follow the link will receive a free trial of Skillshare: Footnotes and additional resources below. Materials: Medium weight plain weave cotton, ~2 m (Goldhawk Road, London) Cotton thread for hemming Silk thread for collecting Useful tools for those who are so inclined: (Please note that these are affiliate links) — Tape measure: — Steel head Straight pins: — Needles of any size and weight you might ever need: — My favorite (and terribly uncomfortable) #10, thinnest needles: — Small thread scissors:

[1] Y. Shul.., «Portrait of a Lady Three Quarter Length Holding an Orange Blossom». Mid 18th century. Image via Sotheby’s
[2] Jean Laurent Monnier, «Portrait of Mrs. John Drummond, seated three-quarters of her height, in a blue dress, white lace apron and cap», 1792. Image from Sotheby’s edited by @Dani Banner @danbanstudio www.danbanstudio.com IG YT This channel is made possible by the generous support of Patreon members. To become a patron, visit (although the videos will remain free to you anyway). Beyond YouTube: IG @bernadettebanner Management contact for business inquiries: bernadette@helmtalentgroup.com Music: «Momentum» by Borrtex «Dismantle» by Peter Sandberg «Tender Heart» by David Roy Collective «Infinity Cycle» by Spearfisher «Miika’s Journey» Lama House «Winter Solstice» by Gavin Luke «The End» by Peter Sandberg «Rain Dance» by John Algar «That Was Fun» by Gavin Luke

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