aprons — GRILL KILT Product Video. GRILLKILT. Best Grilling Apron.

GRILL KILT Product Video. GRILLKILT.  Best Grilling Apron.

ORDER ONLINE: No more round trip from kitchen to grill. Meet the most innovative grill apron ever made. GRILLKILT is designed specifically for people who love to grill… and chill. The GRILLKILT has 10 pockets and 5 D-rings for easy organization and storage of grill accessories. Each GRILLKILT purchase includes a hand towel with eyelets and 2 carabiners for attaching accessories to a sturdy waist belt. Level up your grilling game with the perfect grill accessory. Revolutionary grill apron. Storage, accessibility, comfort and style. With this customizable workstation, tools, pockets, towels and clips are always at your fingertips! For those who prefer a top cover like a traditional neck apron, our convertible and adjustable rag top integrates seamlessly with your custom GRILLKILT. «The perfect design for storing and accessing all of his cherished grilling tools.» (Forbes Gift Guide. Elie Valansky, Contributor Forbes) «Created under the guidance of BBQ Masters and Chefs to ensure it’s an apple tree in plain sight.» (Men’s Journal. Perry O. Bloomberg, Men’s Journal) «An all-in-one pant-saving barbecue uniform that every serious butcher should own.» (Fatherly.com. Patrick Coleman, Fatherly.com) «The accessory you didn’t know you needed this summer.» (Charleston Magazine Rob Lyle, Charleston Magazine) «The only apron your dad will need in the kitchen or grill station!» (Medium.com Vernic Popat, Medium.com) PRODUCT FEATURES: * 2 carabiners and towel included * 10 pockets of various sizes for storage * 5 D-rings for haircut accessories * Durable washable cotton fabric * Durable waist belt * Pockets for * Adjustable size * Premium materials * Masterfully designed and sewn in the USA Born in the USA: We take pride in our product. GRILLKILT is made in the USA from durable, soft washable cotton. GRILLKILT returns money We donate a percentage of profits to non-profit organizations that promote kindness and sustainability for humanity, animals and Mother Earth. #grillout. #grillkilt #apron #grill #grill

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