aprons — EP 3: Albert G's Custom BBQ Aprons

EP 3: Albert G's Custom BBQ Aprons

Join the Tallgrass Tailor Team for our new project: custom BBQ aprons for the grand opening of our third Albert G restaurant! A big thank you to all the great people who contributed to this project: — Chuck Gauhi and the Albert G staff — A&B Identity embroidery and promotional material — Weekend surplus at Broken Arrow and as always; Bobby Ross Films Follow all our sewing fun on our Behind The Seams blog: links to our favorite tools and equipment can be found on our Amazon store here: ask us your questions and let us know what else you’d like to see by commenting below! Learning to sew or mastering new techniques? Check out other sewing videos here: Changing the Waist of Jeans — Original Denim Hem — Hemming Suit Trousers — Hemming Leggings — Taking on a Jacket — Shortening Jacket Sleeves — Need Help Troubleshooting Your Machine? Watch a video of using our machine here: Industrial Straight Stitch — Overlapping Machine — Blind Hem Machine — Home Cover Stitcher — Thank you for watching and subscribe for more sewing videos! #sewing #tailoring #sewing tips and tricks #learning to sew #behind the seams

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