aprons — Easy ONE YARD No pattern LARGE Utility Apron Tutorial

Easy ONE YARD No pattern LARGE Utility Apron Tutorial

Skip to 7:32 to view the tutorial This tutorial is for us big(r)people who need a practical full coverage apron ~ using one yard of 54″ wide fabric and only taking an hour or two to whip up! Great for a gift to those avid grill masters! Free sewing and quilting lessons! And just like in a «classroom» setting, my lessons are roughly 1/2 hour+…. So join me in my home sewing room making all sorts of quilted goodies! Mind you ~ I love to chat and may repeat myself over and over again (and occasionally stutter) and if that annoys you then look elsewhere — but if you’re patient you’ll hopefully learn a new method or technique! Want to see exclusive private videos?! I have a «tip jar» in my room! Leave as little or as much as you want! Thank you in advance for the tip and the opportunity to keep making videos! So, become a patron! Join: And please visit my Etsy shop! www.etsy.com/shop/TrueloveQuiltsForYou

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