aprons — Cross Back Apron Tutorial

Cross Back Apron Tutorial

Learn how to sew a crossover back apron for women. A cut list, pocket placement guide and video tutorial are all you need to complete this simple sewing project. WANT TO START YOUR OWN BLOG? Find out how our family sustains itself full-time at our homestead through our blog and Youtube channel, in my FREE blogging success masterclass: this post contains affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission without any extra cost for you. As an Amazon affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Shop Kaufman Linen Blend Fabric: This handmade linen apron for women was a highly requested project. I showed you how to make the same apron for girls, and many people said: “What if I want one for myself?” So, I need to work on some measurements to make a pattern for women. I didn’t know if I wanted to add a frill for the adult version, so I did a little poll on my Facebook page. The vast majority said they wanted frills. Some didn’t, and some said to make it optional. So here’s what I did! Below you will find measurements for the ruffled and non-ruffled version. When I was doing a DIY linen apron for girls, I bought a mixture of 55% linen and 45% cotton. So far, I have only used 100% linen, for example, for this dress and this blanket. I decided that I could hardly tell them apart. Since the mixture is much cheaper, I decided to go that route again for this adult apron tutorial. I love the Kaufman Essex Yarn Dyed Linen fabric on Amazon. It is available in every color you can imagine and at a great price. Find it here. Ruffle option. Body: 41″ wide, 28″ long. Cut 1. Frill 62 inches, length 8 inches. a piece 41 inches wide and 35 inches long. Straps are 21 inches long by 7.5 inches wide. Cut out 2 pockets 10 inches by 10 inches. Cut out 2 linen aprons for women. Sewing Instructions Start by cutting out pieces from the cut list. Prepare your straps. Take one piece of webbing (21 by 7.5 inches) and fold it in half. Sew the raw edges together along the long edge with a half-inch seam. Turn part of the strap inside out so that the raw edges and seam are hidden inside. Do this by placing a large safety pin on the end and extending it to the other end. Iron the strap with an iron so that the seams are even. Topstitch both long ends of the strap (the folded end and the seam side). Repeat with the other part of the strap. The top stitch is the stitch that is sewn close to the original seam. It sits on top of a garment or project and is visible when it’s completed. Its purpose is to make the seam even. Watch the video tutorial for instructions that show this more clearly. Press one edge of a 10″ x 10″ piece half an inch, and then another half inch to hide the raw edge inside. For the other three edges of the square piece, press them in one inch. Sew the area you pressed twice to create a hem. This will be the top of the pocket. Leave the other three edges unsewn as they will be sewn directly to the main part of the apron. Repeat with the other part of the pocket. Prepare the main part of the apron. Ruffle option. Press the two short (28″) and one long (41″) edges half an inch and then another half inch to hide the raw edges inside. Don’t pinch one long edge, as the frill will be attached to it. Sew the two short sides with a half-inch seam. Leave the top part (pressed edge) open for now, as this is where the straps still need to be placed. No frill. Press all four sides down half an inch and then another half inch to hide the raw edges on the inside. Sew two short sides and one long side with a half-inch seam. Leave the top part (pressed edge) open for now, as this is where the straps still need to be placed. Prepare the frill (if adding). Adding a frill is an option. If you plan on adding it, press down one long edge of the frill half an inch and then another half inch to hide the raw edge inside. Sew the area you pinned down with a half-inch seam to create a hem. Sew the gathering seam along the other (not hemmed) long edge. We will work on attaching the frill later. Take one strap and pin it 13.5 inches from the side edge of the main apron piece. Place it under the ironed top edge of the main part. This is the webbing you left unsewn earlier. 13.5 inches from the other end of the main piece. Get the rest of the tutorial on the blog: Acoustic Guitar 1 by Audionautix is ​​licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License ( Artist: #farmhouseonboonesewing #sewing #learntosew

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