aprons — Cowboy Chicken and Rice. A Publix Aprons recipe.

Cowboy Chicken and Rice. A Publix Aprons recipe.

Gather the family for a dinner fit for the hungriest of cowboys and cowgirls. Start by frying the chicken. Add chopped tomatoes, corn and brown rice, then add white chili beans and herbs. And you can spice up the taste with ground red pepper or your favorite hot sauce. To view this recipe, visit Publix, the largest employee-owned supermarket chain in the US, and we continue to grow. As part of our mission to be the world’s premier food retailer, we are always committed to providing exceptional service to our customers. Publix: where shopping is a pleasure. Connect with us! -Follow Publix on Facebook: -Follow us on Twitter: -Follow us on Instagram: -Follow Publix on Pinterest: -Visit Publix online:

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