aprons — Apron Sew Along Part One

Apron Sew Along Part One

Have you thought about tailoring an 18th century (or historical) wardrobe? Interested in hand sewing? Join our historic Sewing Together series! Our third part is aprons! Aprons in the 18th century ranged from simple and practical to whimsical and fashionable. Anyone who has worn an apron knows how irreplaceable it is. For an 18th century lady, they were an integral part of her wardrobe. These everyday aprons were often made from white, natural or plaid linen, while the fashionable aprons were made from fine cotton, silk, cambric and cambric (fine linen), often with added frills, embroidery and trim. You will also find several examples of printed and colored aprons. This project will teach you sewing skills that you will use now and can apply later on in more advanced sewing projects. Use our hashtag #showyourapron and tag us on social media! For a list of required supplies, see here: In Part 1, we will: Discuss all the possible variations on our apron style that we can make based on history. Measure our apron Prepare and cut our apron and belt We invite you to join our favorite shenanigans! Want to learn more about fabric choices and the history of your apron before you start sewing? Check out our Q&A live. Follow all of our sewing to dress up from head to toe!

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