aprons — Airport Aprons Explained

Airport Aprons Explained

This video reviews and explains the most common airport apron markings you will see to help new pilots and flying enthusiasts better understand the airport. Runway markings: Runway lighting: Taxiway markings: I have a Patreon page so if this video was valuable and you would like to support me to enable me to continue making videos like this, you can check out my Patreon on this link.. , Copyright © 2016 — Doofer911 — All rights reserved. DISCLAIMER: Although this video is intended for educational purposes, I must emphasize that I am not a professional pilot or instructor and I am not certified in any way in regards to aviation or education. Every topic I talk about is based on my personal study and understanding. Therefore, the information I give may be incorrect or inaccurate and should NOT be used as a reference for actual flights.

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