aprons — 18th CENTURY DRESS, APRONS and ART!!


This week we continue to open amazing gifts including Spode, beautiful artwork and some soap operas!! In Cado in the Castle, all the inhabitants of Lalande Castle come together to open beautiful gifts sent by people from all over the world. All monetization of these videos will be transferred monthly to various charitable foundations. YouTube’s revenue fluctuates wildly each month as ad revenue changes throughout the year. Here are the charities we have donated to so far: July 2020: British Heart Foundation UK (in memory of my father) €634 August 2020: Alzheimer’s UK Study (in memory of all my parents’ nursing home residents) €350 September 2020: Prostate Cancer Foundation (in memory of Selmar’s father) €1,255 October 2020: Médecins Sans Frontières (selected by my mother to support vaccination in Africa) €942 (equivalent to 426 cholera shots) November, December 2020 and January February 2021: Lalande Fashion Scholarship for a student at the Willioty Fashion Institute in South Africa R100,000 (approx. EUR 5,800) March 2021: Suffolk Artlink £1,505 April 2021: Association Petit Prince €1,689 May 2021: Melanoma Focus €1,204 June 2021: Aide aux Jeunes Diabétiques €1,735. July, August and September 2021: Year 2 of the Lalande Fashion Scholarship for a student at the Willioty Fashion Institute in South Africa. 100,000 rand (about 5,800 euros). local Crozon-sur-Vovre c Community Center) €3,184 November 2021: Techo €2,709 December 2021: Genesis Hope El-Roi Orphanage €90,000 (€5,248.01) : We Are Here Venice 2000 euro February 2022: Red Cross for Ukraine 2019 euro I used to show gifts in @Castle Diaries episodes, but you are all so generous that we have a lot of gifts, and if we spent episodes opening them, we would not be able to show you others aspects of castle life! So, for those of you who love watching gifts being opened, and as a way to thank those of you who were kind enough to send them, I created this new channel. Every week we will shoot your beautiful gifts while enjoying afternoon tea or an aperitif together. It’s very important to me that you know that we never expect anyone to send us gifts. I would like to go even further and add that if this results in any financial hardship, please do not send us anything. Knowing that you have joined us watching The Castle Diaries gives us all a huge boost. But for those of you who sent these incredibly thoughtful gifts, I hope that after seeing us open them, you will get a piece of the joy you gave us 💖💖💖 If you want to see more of our life in the castle, go to our main channel «Castle Diaries»:

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