hedley and bennett custom apron — Apron The Hundreds X Hedley & Bennett

Apron The Hundreds X Hedley & Bennett

Behind the creation of the standard The Hundreds X Hedley & Bennett apron, available at flagship stores and online. Read our interview with Ellen Bennett here: Hedley & Bennett started out in CEO Ellen Bennett’s garage with $300 and an unwavering vision to make high-quality kitchen clothes that look and feel amazing while standing up to the test of time (and the heat in the kitchen). What started as a passion project soon grew into a global brand, with Hedley & Bennett products worn by renowned chefs such as Mario Batali and Nobu Matsuhisa. The process is similar to Bobby and Ben’s humble beginnings with The Hundreds, in which an unwavering belief in an idea led to an unshakable brand 13 years later. The Hundreds X Hedley & Bennett collaboration celebrates handmade goods made in Los Angeles and pays tribute to the history of both brands. The synergy between them has become a black canvas apron. Matte black screen printing of The Hundreds on the side pockets. Chest pockets and mobile phone pocket are double layered and lined with camouflage fabric. The left side of the apron has a standard towel loop with Adam Bomb at the bottom. Unique subtleties and thoughtful details make The Hundreds X Hedley & Bennett a completely unique collaboration. Subscribe to The Hundreds on Youtube: Follow The Hundreds blog: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Tumblr: Snapchat: thehundreds

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