aprons — Aprons & Hammers, "A&H Beach House": A New Fish & Seafood Restaurant Opens on the Palm

Aprons & Hammers, "A&H Beach House": A New Fish & Seafood Restaurant Opens on the Palm

A&H: Go to the Hamptons while staying in town. A new beach restaurant Fish & Seafood opens on Palma. A&H Beach House: جزيرة النخلة . . . This family-run restaurant serves delicious, freshly caught seafood. Guests don aprons and smash dishes of crab and lobster, as well as oysters, mussels and giant prawns with a mallet (you guessed it). Their signature zest is secret herbs and spicy marinades combined with creative flavor combinations. Not a seafood lover? The restaurant also serves vegetarian and meat dishes. . Climb aboard a vintage dhow for some seafood at Aprons & Hammers Restaurant. The name speaks for itself — you will be given aprons and hammers, as well as pliers, knives and other tools for the job. The main product is delivered to the table — a bucket of freshly caught crabs, giant prawns, mussels and even lobsters. All this is served with the chef’s signature sauce. You will have to smash, hack and work your way through the catch. For those who don’t want to bother, the restaurant also has an excellent menu of Asian-inspired seafood dishes, such as sweet chili crab cakes and Goan-style fish curry. Considered by many locals to be the best seafood spot in Dubai, other branches are located on the beach or in the coastal area of ​​La Mer. You will really need this apron once you start wielding a hammer.

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